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Community is an integral part of Ireland’s art and cultural landscape. Without the effort of local organisations and authorities across the country, Culture Night could not happen. As our communities diversify and grow, so do the spaces that nurture them. This is why Culture Night is partnering with We Act for its second year.

We Act is a campaign that celebrates charities and community initiatives in Ireland. While statistics show that only 8% of people believe their lives are personally impacted by charities or community groups, 70% believe that their communities would be affected if these organisations were to shut their doors.





We Act was conceived amidst the Covid pandemic, a period during which the impact of the resources charity and community groups provide was felt at a profound level. The campaign’s aim is to highlight and celebrate the people and organisations who work so hard to provide communities in Ireland services that enhance their wellbeing.


From offering masterclasses in marketing to charity and community organisations, to profiling activists and aid workers, We Act provides a platform for the diverse range of charity programmes in Ireland.


One of We Act’s main objectives is to educate the public about the importance of these groups and to give an insight into the important work that they do, and Culture Night offers a perfect opportunity to these services to showcase their work.


This September 22nd We Act and Culture Night come together once more to shed a light on Ireland’s charity and community sector. As a participant in Culture Night, the We Act programme offers you unique insights into Irish charity and community initiatives. Whether you’re curious about aspects of their work, would like to get involved or feel you might benefit from some of the services that they provide, this is an opportunity to witness firsthand some of the important work these organisations do.


Learn about the climate action, and what we can do within our communities to halt its impacts at Cuppa Tea for Climate Change with Friends of the Earth (, or join Cystic Fibrosis Ireland for 65 Roses, an evening of music, film and music from CFI ( The event is child-friendly, with face-painting and an opportunity to learn about the important work CFI does for the Cystic Fibrosis community.


Although the pandemic was an intensely difficult period, some of the shining lights were the acts of care we witnessed within our collective community. We Act believes that this is an ethos we need to carry forward. Come and celebrate the compassion and determination of Ireland’s charity and community initiatives by attending some of the events in the We Act programme this September 22nd. Simply check out the We Act programme of events to see what resonates with you:


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