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Organiser resources

Organiser branding pack:

Only events or venues registered with Culture Night, either through head quarters or via a local coordinator can apply Culture Night branding.

If you would like to request access to the branding pack please contact [email protected]

Organiser toolkit:

The Organiser toolkit is a resource aimed at all those who regularly participate in Culture Night  – Artists, event organisers & venues and is designed to provide useful information on everything from producing work online to Marketing, communications and social media.

This toolkit will be updated regularly with new information.

IP Agreements and Image consent forms

Please find here the IP agreements and data consent forms to accompany images being uploaded to the portal. 

In this section there are also some explainer documents and examples of the types of signatures that can be used and the types of Apss that make this process a little easier. 

This section is password protected – please contact [email protected] for details. 

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