We Act featuring grow remote

We act

The We Act campaign celebrates the impact of Ireland’s charities and community groups by elevating the positive stories and acknowledging the remarkable everyday efforts of thousands of people around the country. 

We Act is collaborating with Culture Night to host a special programme of events aimed at sharing these charity and community organisations with the public. 

Organisations from rural youth centres, large mental health charities, community arts space groups or overseas aid programmes are opening their doors and allowing people in to see what they do in a very special programme of Culture Night events. 


The We Act Culture Night Programme includes: 

Arising from the pandemic where charities and community groups were at the forefront of the National response it became apparent how this work can often be undervalued, unseen and misunderstood. 

In order to ensure that the goodwill and community cohesion that flourished continues it became apparent that this work needs to be celebrated and acknowledged – and WE ACT was born.

It’s aims included encouraging participation and ensuring voluntary and community involvement is part of the fabric of society and sharing the stories about people who spot a gap, see a need, take the initiative, and act.

And to celebrate the people who work and volunteer in our charities and communities and ensure that they feel part of something bigger – meaningful societal change. 

Grow remote

Grow Remote is a non-profit social enterprise which connects remote workers, companies, and local communities so that people can choose to work where they want to live, and not vice versa.