Cork - Cork County / Youghal

Youghal Clock Gate Tower

Guided Historical Tour

700 Years of History of the Clock Tower told by Storytellers over Four Floors from 1500’s to the 1950’s, from Merchant Quarters, Gaol and Family Home.

Guests are guided through 100’s of years of history of both the town of Youghal and the building that the tour takes place in. They hear about the port of Youghal when it was the 6th largest port in the country, how it was a walled port and how the walls protected the inhabitants of the town. Moving through the history of the building we hear when time was first told from the site right up to the present day when still ticks away. We hear about its time as a gaol and a family home. We finish with a view from the roof over a town that has changed much, yet, still maintains its medieval past.

Available in English, German, Spanish, French and Gaeilge

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Genres: Heritage / History / Museum / Talk / Tour / Visuals

Features: Family friendly / Gaeilge / Wheelchair accessible

Address: Main Street


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