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Where do you Belong?

Theatre for Change
18:00 - 20:00
No Booking Required


This is an interactive installation, Three colourful, maps, made by an artist, are displayed; one of Galway, Ireland and the World. We will approach people passing, asking them to put a pin on the map on the place Where they Belong. The exact wording of the question is important: It is NOT where you feel, where you think, other people think, or where you think you should put your pin. By asking this question the discussions starts: There are parents who try to explain to their child where they should put their pin, partners being shocked about where their other half put theirs, friends challenging each other with their choices. We promote a dialogue between participants around; Who defines where you Belong? What does belonging mean to you? The aim being to create a discussion, opening for understanding of diversity and its importance to the place where we live.


Full Address: William Street, Galway, Ireland
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