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Watch a Film with a Classifier

Irish Films Classification Office
16:00 - 21:00
Booking required
All Ages


The Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) is running a programme of events to mark the centenary of the Office this year. For Culture Night, IFCO will open its doors and invite the public into the world of film classification. There is a small cinema onsite and participants will have the opportunity to view a short film with a Classifier. A great deal of consideration goes into each classification decision made by the Office, with a number of factors being considered in every decision. The screening will be followed by a discussion between the Classifiers and the audience about the guidelines that underpin all decisions made in IFCO, and how, and why a particular age rating would be applied. Audience input is always welcome. And of course no cinema experience would be complete without popcorn!

Wheelchair accessible


Full Address: Blackhall Walk, Smithfield, Dublin, DO7 NRR6
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