When I


“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” Audre Lorde

In celebration of Culture Night 2020 VISUAL Carlow, in partnership with Carlow County Council Arts Office, Arts Council of Ireland, Carlow County Development Partnership and Healthy Ireland Carlow, presents “When I”. A digital programme of newly commissioned works and performances for screen. This programme brings together some of Ireland’s leading artists who have worked in collaboration with members of Carlow’s community to create these new works. Artists working on the project include Katie Holten, Amanda Coogan, Tobi Omoteso, Feli Olusanya AKA Feli Speaks, John Scott, Jessica Traynor, Tom Lane, Tadgh O’Sullivan, John MacKenna, Fehdah and Carole Nelson.

“When I” is a proclamation of hope, strength, and determination. Over the last few weeks and months, we have become frightfully aware of the fragility of our natural world and the unjust inequalities that lie buried deep within our society. We have taken to the streets to fight for racial equality and justice. We have experienced first-hand the negative impact our way of life is having on our planet. We have witnessed the closure of theatres, festivals, galleries, cinemas, libraries, bookshops, concert halls and venues. We have watched as artists and arts workers have hurried to find new ways and means of keeping the cultural and creative life blood of our communities alive, all the while facing major adversary and uncertainly, both personally and professionally. How we engage and participate in the cultural and creative life of our community has changed tremendously. But despite all this we continue to prevail through the solidarity of our people and communities.

In times of great change and uncertainty we can sometimes feel small, irrelevant, and powerless as individuals. “When I” is an artistic meditation on this and offers us an opportunity to reflect on how we may consider our own individual strength and our ability to create great change in the world. We ask you to join us in this commitment to positive change making by completing the proclamation ‘When I…”.

Works in Order of Appearance

Don’t You Lie, Fehdah

Above the Starry Canopy, Amanda Coogan in collaboration with the Dublin Theatre of the Deaf Creative

Found, Tobi Omoteso with music by Leo Wolstenholme

Cur le Chéile , Tadhg O’Sullivan with music by Tom Lane.

Featuring Tara Landers, Marina de Costa, Rasna Begum, Michael Somers, Alannah Somers, Tommy McDarby, Lisa Quinlan, Francis Sinclair, John Hickey, Carole Premkumar

Requiem for Lost Species, Carole Nelson Trio

Heart Wood , Visual Art by Katie Holten Choreography by John Scott Music by Tom Lane with Poetry & Vocals by Jessica Traynor Poetry performed by Felispeaks .

Featuring Busie Kelly, Noor Fatema, Asha Noor, Sanzida Begum, Noor Hasina, Ola Oladimeji and Sebastiaó Kamalandua

Us, We, Ours, Written by John MacKenna

Performed by John MacKenna, Angela Keogh, Paul Donohue, Mary Pat Moloney

‘When I’ Proclamations by Bernard Jennings, Trisha Harris, Fiona Dowling & Amy McLoughlin.


Produced by VISUAL Carlow

Media Production ULAB Studios Carlow

Commissioned by Carlow Arts Office / Carlow County Council

In partnership with Carlow County Development Partnership

Kindly Supported by

Culture Night, Arts Council of Ireland, Carlow County Council,  RTÉ Supporting the Arts,  Healthy Ireland / Healthy Carlow Carlow and County Development Partnership

Producer David Francis Moore

Director of Photography Patrick William Bramley

Community Co-ordinator Janice deBróithe

Audio & Camera Technician Greg Mynhardt

VISUAL Production Manager Michael Lonergan

Special Thanks to The VISUAL team Emma Lucy O’Brien, Brigid Deering, Sue Walsh, Michael Lonergan, Brian Scobie, Damian Dollard, Brian Sheil, Tadhg McSweeney, Laura la Crombe, Viv Basson, Keith Bowe, Niamh Donnellan, Jimmy Snoddy , Catherine Byrne, Katalin Szollosi , Derek Blanche.

Time: 6pm - 6.45pm

Genres: Dance / Digital Art / Film / Museum / Music / Performance / Poetry / Screening / Spoken Word / Theatre / Visual Art

Features: Family friendly


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