Mullingar - Westmeath

Visitor Centre at the Hill of Uisneach, Loughnavalley

Art on the Hill - ‘Reconnecting with Nature'


Uisneach Visitors Centre welcomes three wonderful local Westmeath artists exhibiting their work, at the Audio Visual Room.
The Hill of Uisneach, steeped in culture down through millennia, lends itself to be the perfect setting to exhibit strong Irish artistic talent, showcasing a mixture of mediums and styles.
Access to the event is free, but please note that places are limited, and booking is required via email with the following information: Name, Phone number and Number of guests to We will then return a mail to you confirming your entry.
Hilary Kinahan’s work is inspired by a collection of photographs which she has taken documenting her life and surroundings in rural Ireland. These photographs inform a rich printmaking process combining multiple techniques such as saline etching, drypoint, carborundum, collographs and photopolymer. Her work acts as a journal encapsulating her relationship with nature and the land. Raised on a farm; barns, bogs and her connection to her home have become her artwork
Rosemarie Langtry :’My work is an intuitive engagement with materials, and it is made with speed and spontaneity allowing the momentum to guide it. I work in many mediums: on canvas, paper, wood and also in various sculpted forms. I have recently become intrigued by painting in encaustic. I love it’s freedom, how it flows, and it’s textural translucency.’
Using brushes and palette knives Carmel Rooney’s work is currently on display around various outlets in Ireland. ‘From an empty space the shadows take shape’. Using movement and flow her composition is formed creating ghostly figures and fish like creatures. She works with a limited palette to achieve these affects. Her prints are of Limited edition and high quality. Using a giclée printing process her art prints are reproduced from her original paintings with inkjet inks on white Archival paper.

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm

Genres: Arts and Crafts / Visual Art / Workshop

Address: Uisneach, Loughnavalley, Co. Westmeath


Phone: 087 7189550

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