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The Cinematic Derry Experiments


Screening of a selection of award-winning short films that  put Derry as the real hero of their storytelling. The selection includes dramatic/comedy as well as documentary and experimental films.

Contact : Murat Akser,

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Genres: Audio Visual / Film / Screening / Visual Art

Address: MU Building at Magee Campus, Northland Road, Derry

Phone: 07795342142

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Drama at Ulster University presents 'First Silence, Then Darkness'


Screening followed by Q & A

Would you listen to your inner voices?

In a first for Ulster University, students have collaborated to create a show broadcasted live into people’s own homes. Directed by Giuliano Campo, ‘First Silence, Then Darkness’ is a dark mystery that follows the story of a young mental health doctor and her dedication to saving her patients. She relies on her faith in herself and God to guide her but what happens when she feels she cannot trust her own mind? When the voice she has always trusted starts to change?

This piece draws inspiration from classical playwrights such as Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson, George Bernard Shaw, Euripides, and Christopher Marlowe whilst combining it with original writings from the cast. It was a chance for the students to further develop their skills within the theatre industry in Northern Ireland.

Amy Glass, the writer of the piece and one of the cast members had this to say:” ‘First Silence, Then Darkness’ has been a challenging but rewarding project. The task of creating a play that was appropriate to perform over zoom, and interesting enough to immerse the audience was a great one, and one that could not have been accomplished without input from the director, dramaturg and actors. During COVID and the era of zoom it feels amazing to continue to create. The characters are so interesting and complex; they’re very fun to act. The cast and crew have been dedicated, hardworking and more creative than ever. Watching something that I’ve written slowly come together is surreal. I truly believe this production is unique, strange and beautiful.”

The show has a running time of 60 minutes.








Time: 7pm - 8pm

Genres: Audio Visual / Film / Performance / Talk / Theatre

Address: Magee Campus, Northland Road

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