Galway - Galway City

United Methodist/Presbyterian Church

Sonke – An interactive Evening of Song, Dance and Music

An interactive, inclusive evening of dance, song and music, performed by SONKE choir. SONKE prefers to perform “in the round”, thereby opening up a physical and sensory space for the audience to become a vital part of the event. SONKE always focuses on inclusiveness, and embraces diversity, so that as many people as possible can experience the energy that SONKE has to offer. As this is an evening for celebrating culture in general and Irish in particular, SONKE plans to offer a programme that while adhering to our world music repertoire, also focuses strongly on Irish culture, with a strong emphasis on what Galway in particular has to offer. Galway is a multicultural city; its citizens can enjoy the best of world and indigenous music and song. In light of this, the songs will reflect the multicultural nature of the city.

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Genres: Dance / Music / Performance

Features: Family friendly

Address: Victoria Place, Galway H91 TW21


Phone: 085 771 7670

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