The Walls

The Stone Tapes

Four Sound Art pieces, collectively entitled “The Stone Tapes”, draw inspiration from a 19th Century theory that memory traces of events could be trapped into rock and built structures and then randomly replay, like ghostly recordings.

Meet the artist and listen in situ or Why not listen to The Stone Tapes at on your phone near the Gates while walking the walls this Culture Night?

Duration Each Stone Tape is approx. 3 mins and will play at the following times and locations:

7pm-7.15pm   Bishop’s Gate , Amanda Walker

7.30 – 7.45pm Ferryquay Gate, Stephen Lewis

8 – 8.15 pm     Shipquay Gate, Catherine Ellis

8.30 – 8.45 pm Butcher Gate, Janet Hoy



This work is part of the Walled City 400 programme visit, for more information

Time: 7pm - 8.45pm

Genres: Architecture / Museum / Poetry / Talk

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: City centre trail


Phone: 02871253253

No Booking Required

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