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The Space Between



Experience the wonder of tone as musicians are dotted throughout the space, some even a wander, playing their instrument of choice in whatever their own style has become with one simple shared rule – they can only use three different notes, the trinity. Ultimate freedom within ultimate boundaries. We can trace the use of sustained tones from ancient traditions to the contemporary, across multiple subcultures, chest crushing sub-bass, avant-garde eccentricity, sound weaponry and navigating fervent mysticism. The drone, a sustained sound, requires neither chord nor band, representing – via its infinite pliability and accessibility – the ultimate folk music: a potent audio tool of personal liberation. Immersion in hypnotic and repetitive sounds allows us to step outside of ourselves, be it chant, standing right up against the PA for yet another soporific sound world, or a full headphone immersion. These experiences are akin to an audio portal – a sound vehicle, that takes you out and in, to help silence the hum and fizz of the unceasing inner voice. Join us on Friday 17th for culture night as we explore this aural expression of a universal hum we can only hope to fleetingly channel…which exists outside of us, but also – paradoxically – within us all;

Sharon Phelan – electronics

Jimmy Eadie – synth

Michelle O’Rourke – vocals

Ivan Birthistle – synth

Lisa Dowdall – viola

Damian Lennon – bass guitar and effects

Paul G Smyth – modular synth

Mary Barnecutt – cello and effects

Ruth O’Mahony Brady – keyboards

Paul Gilgunn – electric guitar and loops

Thomas Haugh – synth

Matthew Nolan – loops and synth

…with playback material provided by Adrian Crowley, Neil O’Connor, and Stephen Shannon.

Time: 7.30pm - 10:30pm

Genres: Music / Performance / Visual Art

Address: 28 Fenian st, Dublin 2, Dublin 2, Dublin D02 CY50, Ireland

Website: http://www.thespacebetween.ie/

Phone: 087 345 3954

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