Dublin - Dublin City / Monto and North Georgian Quarter

The Monto: Dublin's 'Darker' Side

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Learn about The Monto, Europe’s most notorious ‘red light’ district from 1860s to 1920, how it prospered, its inhabitants and its demise. The ‘Monto’ in inner city Dublin was reputed to have been Europe’s most notorious ‘red light’ district from 1860s to 1920s. This tour will explore how the area got its name and at a time of great poverty in Dublin, how the ‘Monto’ prospered…It will look at those who inhabited the ‘Monto’, those ‘regular’ visitors and how this ‘red light’ district situated in the shadow of Dublin’s Pro-Cathedral existed for so long. It will look at the ‘Locke Hospitals’ and the part they played in the lives of those who inhabited the ‘Monto’. Finally, it will look how the demise of the ‘Monto’ came about in the mid 1920s. Starting Point: Rosie Hackett Bridge – opposite the Celtic Cross monument at junction of Hawkins Street and Burgh Quay.
Bookings for this tour will go live Wednesday, 1 September at 9am. Booking is essential as places are limited.

Time: 4pm - 5.15pm

Time: 6pm - 7.15pm

Genres: Heritage / History / Tour

Address: Rosie Hackett Bridge, Dublin 1, Dublin

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