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The Irish Repertory Theatre

The Gifts You Gave to the Dark


Written by Darren Murphy
Directed by Caitríona McLaughlin
Music by Carl Kennedy

Presented by Irish Repertory Theatre


Starring Marty Rea, Seán McGinley, and Marie Mullen


Tom, confined to his bed in Belfast with COVID-19 is unable to visit his mother, Rose, who is dying in Dublin. His uncle, Larry, arranges a call from Rose’s sickbed. As Larry holds his phone to Rose’s ear, Tom tells his mother the story of a journey – an image of a perfect day they once shared. It’s a Belfast story, and it’s the very last thing he can do for his mother – the only thing he can do for her. As Tom speaks, he takes his mother home on her final voyage, during the last ten minutes of her life. The Gifts You Gave to the Dark is about the power of story to offer succor and comfort in even the bleakest times, over separations of geography and time.


The free World Premiere of The Gifts You Gave to the Dark, written by Darren Murphy (Irish Blood, English Heart) was written specifically for digital media in reaction to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. Directed by Caitríona McLaughlin (Associate Director, Abbey Theatre) and featuring music by Carl KennedyThe Gifts You Gave to the Dark stars Seán McGinley (Braveheart) as “Uncle Larry,” Tony Award winner Marie Mullen (The Beauty Queen of Leenane) as “Rose” and Marty Rea (Whistle in the Dark) as “Tom.”

Time content would be available – Culture Night runs from 4pm – late (Irish time)

The Gifts You Gave to the Dark is available on demand through October 31, 2020

Time: 4pm - 12pm

Genres: Theatre


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