Townhall Cavan

A troubling sound that has accumulated over many years suddenly stops. In the strange silence that follows, new beings emerge from the depths of Shannon Pot.

In this experimental film you will experience the beauty of the Cavanoids, fictional creatures created by boredom research. The Cavanoids have been asleep in the rocks of the underworld for millions of years, during which time an insidious and disturbing sound has grown to fill the Cavan Burren. In the depths of Shannon Pot, their song can be heard as the waters become infused with a vitality carried, by this stream, from the world above. The inky waters now come alive with sparkling particles, a message from Manannán mac Lir, calling to awaken the sleeping Cavanoids.

Genres: Biodiversity | Natural Heritage | Climate Change, Film | Screen | Animation, History, Music, Other, Science |Technology | Engineering | Maths, Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, sculpture, Digital Art, Print, etc)
Age Suitability: all ages
Facilities: Parking
Features: Family friendly, Wheelchair accessible
Address: Cavan Town Hall, Town Hall Street, Abbeyland, Cavan, Ireland
Locations: Cavan Town
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
9 pm
No Booking Required