The Bog Cafe

Friends of Ardee Bog

The BOG CAFE is a celebration of Ardee Bog and our precious peatlands. Friday September 23rd is the Global Climate Strike. We will start our weekend of activities with creative workshops with local primary school students during the day. Then from 4p.m our Culture Night activities begin including a workshop on how to make bog paper, Poetry reading by Nuala Leonard, Bog Bingo and an Open Mic music event.

The BOG CAFE is supported by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council, Community Wetlands Forum, Irish Wildlife Trust, BirdWatch Ireland, and others. Funded by an Agility Award from the Arts Council.

Genres: Biodiversity | Natural Heritage | Climate Change, Heritage (Tangible | Intangible)
Age Suitability: all ages
Features: Family friendly
Address: Ardee, County Louth, Ireland
Locations: Louth
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
10 pm
Booking required