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Street Life

Street Life
17:00 - 20:00
No Booking Required
All Ages


Street Life returns after its rip-roaring success in 2022. Comedy, circus, and absurdity prevail in this selection of shows guaranteed to make all ages laugh!

Jack Wise
Described by the press as a "modern day vaudevillian”, Jack Wise has won both the coveted titles of Festival World Champion and the UK Family Entertainer of the Year. His show is a rollercoaster ride of magic, sword-swallowing and hilarious ventriloquism! Imagine David Blaine and Tommy Cooper in some sort of a comedy car crash and you’ve got the idea. Some of the highlights of his show include; Turning a volunteer into a hilarious life size ventriloquist puppet, A young helper smashing up their parent's watch and the hair raising moment when Jack swallows a real 24 inch solid steel sword!

The Trap
A plan, a man, a plant. Technology and nature do battle with an unlucky fool caught in the middle. Sublime slapstick and poetic pratfalls, mad music, peculiar props and hilarious physical comedy. A unique and unusual performance.

Morbid & Sons
Listen while the Morbid family sing humorous songs about hideous deaths, and watch as they display their expertise by way of a demonstration funeral. Be careful they might “kill you with kindness”, or “embalm you while you wait”! Remember, death comes to us all in the end. Join the Morbid family as they attempt to put the “fun” back in to funerals! Morbid & Sons is an interactive, macabre experience about death and the afterlife, a musical treat for all the family!

ParkingFamily friendlyWheelchair accessible


Full Address: Town Hall Street, Cavan, Ireland
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