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Street Art Collaboration

Ró x Art
16:00 - 21:00
No Booking Required


Murals are a powerful artform of symbolic communication, community engagement and aesthetic positivity to the public, which associate each art piece back to its origins. Through visualisation it speaks history, culture and uses social elements which are both compelling and interactive with one another. These art features depict an honorary statement of pride and confidence that is characterised as an individual community. I aim at introducing a street art workshop of up to 12 participants on an industrial portable tarp which can be mounted with zip ties to the back of the skatepark in Millennium park, introducing a much needed visual art introduction to the community and engaging them in a vision of modern culture through a modern medium. This event is a first approach to trial a spray painting workshop of +18 years or older to the public, where there will be a mandatory ‘leave no trace’ element to its location with an art concept based on ‘Galway’s Vibrancy’.


Full Address: Millennium Park Skatepark, Nun's Island, Galway, Ireland
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