Galway - Galway City

Steve Bennett

Culture Through Comedy with Steve Bennett


Why do Irish people say that? 

Why do Irish people do that? 

Let’s find out and have a laugh along the way! 

Comedian and English Teacher Steve Bennett is your teacher for an hour on  Culture Night. 

A fun and easy guide to Irish vocabulary and cultural norms.  

All taught in a fun and friendly learning environment. 

You’ll meet people and have a lovely time, no matter your level of English or your  experience living in Ireland, you’ll enjoy this workshop.  

Native Irish people are welcome too, to help explain Irish isms and to learn about  foreign expressions and cultures along the way 

Learn what Irish people mean when they say “Grand”, “I will yeah!” and “What’s the  craic” 

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Genres: Comedy / Workshop


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