St. Peter’s Cork – Romanian Cultural Traditions

St. Peter's Cork

Storytelling by the Romanian Community
4pm- 5.30pm
A retelling of Romanian folklore and tales in both English and Romanian for Kids of all ages.

Mexican Community Art Workshop 
Painting and decorating of masks in with the patterns and art of the Mexican community.

Romanian Community Art Workshop and Gastronomy
A introduction workshop teaching traditional Romanian embroidery.
Food items to be brought into the cafe area after workshop and will be available to the public throughout the evening.

Mexican Community Dance Performance
After the major success of last year’s performance, The Mexican community has come back to St Peters to share the performance art with the public.

Irish Folk Performance
Led by Jim Walsh and William Hammond of the Cork Folk festival the Irish folk musicians set to bring something more familiar to our halls but no less exciting.

Romanian Community Dance and Music Performance
To end the night, we are thrilled to be host to the Romanian community’s dance and music performance. The Romanian community in cork has brought forth both musician and dancer which promises to wow and inspire the community with performances of their culture and heritage expressed through movement and melody.

Genres: Arts | Crafts | Traditional Skills, Dance, Food | Gastronomy, Music, Storytelling | Oral History
Facilities: Bar
Features: Family friendly, Wheelchair accessible
Address: St. Peter’s Cork, North Main Street, Centre, Cork, Ireland
Phone: 0214278187
Locations: Cork City
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
9 pm
No Booking Required