St Patricks Community Hall, Arvagh

Visceral '21


Visceral ’21, is a collection of multimedia paintings, sculptures, music, video, photography and life storytelling where the spectator will be hooked by the primary instincts awakened.

We all have been thrilled at some stage of our lives by situations in which our body talks to us and we don’t listen and so repressing our emotions brought us to “tragy-comic” situations. This event will help the spectators to identify what emotions are arisen in each situation and be aware of what can be done just at the right time.


At the end of the day, we’re all the same.

Artist BIOS
  • David Grant has been highly successful in the Video Production and Multimedia industry. He has produced all types of quality video productions for local, national, and international clients. David’s extensive experience as a Cinematographer, Editor and SFX Artist and has produced several short films. Working in the Multimedia industry David learned the trade from some of the most recognised professionals in the industry.


  • Mat Foster has over a decade’s experience working with ice, founding Glacial Art with his creative partner Matt Chaloner in 2008. After studying Model Making and Design at Sunderland University, Mat spent four years working in model and prop design, before starting Glacial Art in Liverpool as both Creative Director and ice sculptor. He has swapped the ice for a warmer material to carve his art: wood.


  • Raquel Montero is a multidisciplinary emerging artist, originally from Spanish high influenced by the surrealism and bizarre artist Dali. She’ll be launching for the first time in public her collection “Visceral”. Currently setting up the art Studio in the main street in Arvagh.


  • Danny Smyth is a screen and plays writer as well as a set engineer for several theatres and plays nationwide and abroad. With his sweet and sour speech, he’s able to transform tragedy into comedy. An absolute hypnotizing storyteller.


Please note : whilst there is no booking required for this event, it will be ran in compliance with Covid-19 regulations, therefore you may be required to wait a short time for admission to the building/exhibition areas.


Time: 8pm - 10:30pm

Genres: Comedy / Film / Visual Art

Features: Wheelchair accessible

Address: 7 Main St, Drumnawall, Arvagh, Co. Cavan, H12 V381


No Booking Required