St Augustine's Church

‘Wee Church on the Walls’

‘The Wee Church on the Walls’ is proud to be part of the city’s `Culture Night” experience. Following the success of our lunchtime concerts in the church over the summer we will be open on Culture Night from 7pm to 9pm when we will be providing piano and organ music for anyone who is walking the walls. We hope to invite visitors to come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you listen our talented musicians.

Booking – Not required.

Access – ‘The Wee Church’ is mostly accessible but is an historic building and not designed to modern accessibility standards.

7pm- 7.30pm: Piano Recital

7.30pm -8pm: Organ Recital

8pm- 8.30pm: flute and Piano

8.30pm to 9pm: Soprano and Piano

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Genres: Music

Address: Palace St, BT48 6PS

No Booking Required

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