The Song House

Story, Song and other Shenanigans - A Modern Twist on the Raking Tradition with Ita Fitzmahony.


The tradition of the Raking House was once a strong one throughout Ireland. The raking house was like the hub of a community, known for its heart and feet warming fires and a place to share a yarn, to dance, sing, share and connect in the spirit of togetherness and good craic. Tonight The Song House becomes the digital Raking House and our community stretches far and wide with the good use of modern technology.  The evening will be led by storyteller and comedian, Ita Fitzmahony. After many years of telling stories from the rich tradition of Irish myths and legends, Ita devised a site-specific one woman show for the National Leprechaun Museum, Dublin, to highlight the great – though rather under-represented – women of our folklore and stories.

Contact info@thesonghouseireland if you would like to participate or register your interest as an observer.

7.30pm – 8.30pm on Zoom




Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Genres: Audio Visual / Heritage

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