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Culture Night at Solas Gallery


Elizabeth Kinsella will share some insights on her practise and her life as an artist and lecturer.

Elizabeth Kinsella is a visual artist based in Sligo. Kinsella graduated with BA and MFA from the University of Ulster, where she received the Spectrum Painting Prize and a Peter Moore’s Foundation Scholarship for Postgraduate Study. She lectures at Sligo Institute of Technology and is Programme Chair for Fine Art

‘The work I make is abstract and plays with colour, form and patterns which are breaking up or collapsing. The work in each medium uses simple geometric forms, often reversed or repeated through a piece to build up layers and rhythms. I love to play with art historical references. Fragments from early Renaissance, Modernism, Cubist and early 20th century domestic scenes may suggest a form, a scrap of fabric from clothing or furniture may give a starting point for a pattern or a colour reference for building a palette for a work. I combine these historical snippets with memories of forms and details of abstract forms or patterns from around the house or ground level, floors pathways, distortions or reflections in puddles or windows and lots of other stuff.’

Richard Nelson and Philip Tierney will provide music on the night.

“If you’ve heard any pedal steel guitar swells on any Irish country tracks over the past 30 years, chances are it was Richard Nelson’s skilfully crafted lines that permeated the somewhat generic sound of that particular genre. Richard is the guy that everyone has heard but no one has heard of (outside of the top-tier level of Irish musicians). His credits include Van Morrison and Paul Brady, but his discography is even more impressive. When asked how many albums he has played on, he smirked ‘I gave up counting after it got past 1,200.’ A typical answer from a modest, yet quietly confident Ulsterman with an exceptionally droll sense of humour.

Philip Tierney started playing drums at 17 before switching to guitar and banjo performing with various bands such as JUST- IN and Barbra and the New Affair. In recent years he’s mixed blues and Americana music with Irish trad playing with The Rob Strong band amongst others.

The event will be held in the walled courtyard at the back of the Four Seasons (through the side entrance) with access to the gallery space in small groups as Covid restrictions allow. Any minors should be accompanied by an adult. Refreshments will be served

To book your seat, please phone the gallery 071 9644210. See for more info.

Time: 8pm - 9:30pm

Genres: Music / Visual Art

Address: Main Street, Ballinamore


Phone: 071 964 4210

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