Dublin - Dublin City / Trinity and The Docklands

Shopping for Ireland? Patriotic Consumers, from Grattan to the Gaelic Revival and beyond

Walking Tour


When did we start buying Irish? Learn how and where, in Dublin, Irish consumers showcased their patriotism, from Grattan to Independence. Today, though e-shopping and the pandemic have transformed the way we shop, few of us would question the importance of buying Irish. We know it makes sense, but when did it all start? How has consuming only Irish – and yes, that also means beer – changed through the ages? Where can we explore this story in Dublin, and how could women display their patriotism? Our trail will take us from posh wearers of silk in Dublin Castle to the taverns of Temple Bar. Join Sylvie Kleinman and learn about green and shamrock everywhere, follow Volunteer parades down Grafton street in the age of Grattan, and fast forward to the Gaelic revival, Irish-Ireland and Independence. Though an image of Irish frugality lingers in our memory, we’ll discover we have been pretty good consumers all along. Starting Point: Dublin Castle, Chez Max, Palace Street

Bookings for this tour will go live Wednesday, 1 September at 9am. Booking is essential as places are limited.

Time: 5.30pm - 7pm

Genres: History / Tour

Address: Dublin Castle, Dame St, Dublin 2

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