South Georgian Quarter

Self-portrait after Vera Ryklova

The Dean Art Studios

Visual artist Vera Ryklova invites people to come to her studio for a playful session of photographic self-portraiture. Borrowing some of her props she worked with for her series Aesthetic Distance or bringing your own, or just being present in front of the lens, you are going to experience the creative process Vera uses in her practice. You will produce a photographic image of yourself by yourself. The spontaneous encounter with the artist and the night will be your inspiration, your body will be your medium, and Vera’s fully manual medium format film vintage camera will be your tool.

Each session will take 30 minutes allowing for max. of 3 people attending the session. This means that you book your session and are welcome to bring another person or two along who you would like to work with.

Time sessions (six sessions in total):
5.00 – 5.30pm
5.30 – 6.00pm
6.30 – 7.00pm
7.00 – 7.30pm
8.00 – 8.30pm
8.30 – 9.00pm

During this session a medium format colour photographic film will be used to create your images. The artist will take the responsibility for the postproduction, such as developing the photographic film and scanning the negatives. Each participant or the representative of the group will be emailed a contact sheet of all the shots you produced during your own session to choose the best work which will be then send to you only as a digital file (TIFF and/or JPEG). This means you are not going to see the outcome of your session on the night.

Ryklova also invites women to come to her studio for a chat about her work-in-progress project Child [working title] with the hope to establish a potential collaboration on this very project.
Drop-in basis. Between 6 – 6.30pm & 7.30 – 8pm.

Genres: Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, sculpture, Digital Art, Print, etc)
Age Suitability: 12+
Address: The Dean Arts Studio, Chatham Row, Dublin, Ireland
Locations: South Georgian Quarter
Event Start Time (pm)
5 pm
Event End Time (pm)
9 pm
Booking required