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Samulnori Performance

Dublin Korean School Samulnori
17:30 - 19:30
Booking required
All Ages


Samulnori is a performance played with traditional Korean instruments. Consisting of four traditional instruments, Janggu, Jing, Kkwaenggwari and Buk, the performance is performed excitedly by professional performers to celebrate it during the big holidays in Korea.

Often, the sound of kkwaenggwari is compared to thunder, the sound of Jing is compared to wind, the sound of janggu is compared to rain, and the sound of Buk is compared to clouds, and the sound of samulnori, which combines these four things, is compared to storms. Therefore, the characteristic of this performance is that all audiences can enjoy it while watching the performance. Originally, the concert is performed only with instruments without background music, but at this event, it will be performed in a fusion style to famous and beautiful music from Korea and Ireland, such as BTS songs and Irish Rover.


Full Address: Woorijip, Old Bray Rd, Cabinteely, Dublin, D18 N2KN
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