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BYZANTINE is a short circus film by Ronan Brady, created as an ode to the many layers that exist in us all.

The good and the bad, the ones we want to conceal and the ones we want to project. The ones we are ashamed of, and the ones we take pride in. These layers are what makes us who we are, and that is all we can be, ourselves.

Ronan Brady is a Roscommon born physical artist, teacher, coach and author, recognised internationally for his expertise in cyr wheel. He has co-created and performed in award winning circus shows, “How to Square a Circle” and “Sub Rosa” while also performing and touring internationally with other leading Irish theatre companies. His memoir “Worlds Apart” was published by Mercier Press. The book is an open and funny account about leaving one live in order to create another.

BYZANTINE will be screened as part of Roscommon Arts Centre’s Culture Night 2021 programme.


Time: 5pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Circus / Film

Features: Family friendly


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Martin Parr - 40 Years of Photography in Ireland


Roscommon Arts Centre presents Martin Parr – 40 Years of Photography in Ireland”. Opening on Culture Night, this photography exhibition captures a changing Ireland.

Since the late 1980’s the esteemed British documentary photographer Martin Parr has been taking photographs in Ireland. Between 1980-1982 he lived in the West of Ireland where he embedded himself in the land and culture capturing the area where he was based. Since then he has returned many times to continue this work, coming back to the county at regular intervals over the last 3 decades.

During that time, he captured the changing Ireland and created a series of images that present the effects of wealth and Americanisation on the country. At a pivotal time of social and cultural change these series range from the Texan inspired Bungalows of Co. Leitrim to the Country and Western dances in rural dance halls showing an Ireland on the cusp of the Celtic Tiger era. Since then he has produced new series of works around the Silicon Docks in Dublin, once again exploring the new wave of Corporate American influence in Irish society and the shadow of an impending Brexit.

Friday 17th September – Friday 29th October 2021

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Time: 5pm - 9pm

Genres: Visual Art

Facilities: Bar / Café

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: Circular Road, Roscommon


Phone: 09066 25824

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See You in the Green


“See You in the Green” is a contemporary dance piece that was created to symbolize the bright side of our life, reflecting on the waves of our life path of birth, death, and the challenges we go through to survive, people’s unity, and the importance of our humanity. The dance piece does not have a specific story but has been left open to the viewers to visualize their thoughts, to connect with their imagination or memories that they had. The project was completed after choreographer and dancer, Mintesinot Wolde, completed a three-month residency at Roscommon Arts Centre which was supported by Roscommon County Council’s Creative Ireland Programme.

The piece was an opportunity for Mintesinot (Minte) to collaborate with local and international artists who worked in different professions in the project such as independent film maker, dancers, musicians, singers, a light designer and independent film maker, Emma Brennan.

Available Roscommon Arts Centre Website. 17th-20th Sept

Time: 3pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Dance

Features: Family friendly


Phone: 09066 25824

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