Galway - Galway City / Location

Róisín Dubh

Anna Mullarkey and Tracy Bruen


Anna Mullarkey is a composer and performer from Galway, weaving electronics
with piano and voice. Having grown up in the West of Ireland, Anna draws
inspiration from the sea for her compositions. The Irish Times called her
‘phenomenal’ and Irish Theatre Magazine classified her music as like ‘ if a
sultry ménage of Björk/Billie Holiday/Philip Glass got together at the
Wickerman Festival.’

A multi-instrumentalist, Tracy writes music which seamlessly blends and bends the
genres of folk, prog, pop, and indie. Her music is crafted around her spellbinding
vocals, stories and her theatrical flair.

Time: 9pm - 11pm

Genres: Music

Facilities: Bar

Address: Róisín Dubh

No Booking Required