Cork - Cork County

River Rhythms Community Choir

Virtual Choir Video with Flourishing Voices


River Rhythms invite you to the premiere of their second virtual choir video they are launching in conjunction with Culture Night. The song chosen reflects upon the journey of grief but offers comfort with its simple yet powerful message, “live the day, do what you can”. The song also draws on the conclusion that nobody knows how life’s journey ends, offering hope for better things to come. This song is light, upbeat yet reflective. We hope you enjoy the video and the local landmarks throughout the performance. Also younger fans of Pete’s dragon might recognise the song.

Flourishing Voices brings singing to community, schools and office settings, connecting people through voice and getting them out of their comfort zone. River Rhythms is a community choir based just outside Innishannon, Co Cork.

Watch the video on the River Rhythms Facebook page.

Time: 4pm - 11pm

Genres: Music / Performance

Features: Family friendly


No Booking Required

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