Red Moon Creative Art Theatre Presents An T’Oileán (Wexford town)

Bullring Wexford

Intrepid and ambitious Ornithologist, Maeve, determines to embark on a mission to track down a huge, mysterious mythological bird, rumoured to have been sighted out by the Saltee Islands, on the coast of Wexford. Joined by Willy Chance, a comically incompetent ‘expedition leader’ they embark on an adventure for personal glory. Within this comedy of errors and misguided ideals, a thought-provoking story of Irish myth and legend, magic, conservation and good conscience unfolds.

There will be two open air performances of An T’Oileán – The Island, a family friendly adventure created and produced by Red Moon Creative Arts Theatre.

Genres: Comedy, Theatre | Drama
Features: Family friendly
Address: Bull Ring, Ferrybank South, Wexford, Ireland
Locations: Wexford Town
Event Start Time (pm)
4.30 pm
6 pm
Event End Time (pm)
5 pm
6.30 pm