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Literature in Translation

There are so many incredibly good works in translation available today.

“The literature of Britain and America may seem to include everything until we read foreign fiction in translation,” said the American poet Kenneth Koch.

For Culture Night, through a book collection and a small exhibit, we hope to introduce an audience to some modern and contemporary international literature, by assembling a l collection of books that readers will find engaging, stimulating, and enduring.

And we will try get away from the more obvious authors – Marquez, Lorca, Proust, Kafka, and Tolstoy – and select works by some modern international authors which will convey a sense of the rich variety of today’s World cultures, literatures, languages and ways of life.

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Genres: Literature / Poetry

Features: Wheelchair accessible

Address: Quay Books, Arthur's Quay Shopping Centre


Phone: 085 8511760

No Booking Required