Puppetry Show in the Community Centre

WGH Community Centre

Mr. Punch, the original rebellious rascal, is at it again!
This is show has been a fan favorite forever 350 years!
He’s lazy, he’s wicked, and he’s out to trick everyone
who tries to sort him out. Surely one of these days he’ll
get his just deserts… won’t he? Join us for the recently
created Punch and Judy show, featuring snapping
crocodiles, tremendous tickling, and delightful
devilment for the whole family!
Performed and created by Alex Hindmarsh

Genres: Comedy
Age Suitability: all ages
Features: Family friendly, Wheelchair accessible
Address: Watergrasshill, County Cork, Ireland
Locations: Watergrasshill
Event Start Time (pm)
5.15 pm
Event End Time (pm)
5.45 pm
No Booking Required