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Riff Raff Theatre present “Francis Bacon’s Studio”

Riff Raff Theatre will once again be performing on the streets of Wexford for Culture Night 2019. Three performances of their new show- “Francis Bacon’s Studio” will be performed.

The Bullring- 4.30pm

The Bullring- 7.30pm

Wexford Art Centre (On the Green)- 8.15pm

It is known only to a few that in transit to our National Gallery, the contents of Francis Bacon’s studio lay wasting in a container in Dublin’s docklands for a number of months as the paperwork confirmed that it was a significant player in the texture of contemporary art and art history, but Customs & Excise registered it as being without value but requiring an import licence before it could be disposed of.

Juan Rodriquez, an illegal immigrant, actually occupied the container for a few weeks, he had been a master locksmith in his home town of Chiapas. He and his wife decided to seek a better life but the dream ended north of the border, their toddler being taken into care and his wife being disappeared into servitude in the kitchens of a prominent politician. Ireland was a chance rather than a choice and our story begins with Juan
gaining entry to a container in the docklands with outdated seals and paperwork and an interior no better than the slums of Chiapas from which, only a year ago, and with relief, he had escaped.

Riff Raff has a tradition of producing radical street theatre for festivals and outdoor events. From the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten, from Listowel Writers Week to Wexford Festival Opera.


Time: 4.30pm - 5pm

Time: 7.30pm - 8pm

Time: 8.15pm - 8.45pm

Genres: Theatre

Address: Wexford Town

No Booking Required

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