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Pavee Roads Home


Pavee Roads Home is an online exploration of Traveller culture and heritage told through the lens of history and geography. It was developed by Pavee Point’s Men’s Health team, as a way of promoting a positive sense of identity and culture. The exhibit combines the development of family trees with the mapping of traditional Traveller stopping places to create the story of the migration of Traveller families from Galway to Dublin over a number of generations.

This project relied heavily on the Traveller traditions of oral histories and storytelling, and a process dependent on the contributions of many Travellers in sharing their memories. These histories and stories are unique and previously unrecorded; the process of digitisation has now ensured this knowledge will not be lost forever. This highly collaborative project was made possible by the young and old working together.

Time: Any Timepm - Any Timepm

Genres: Heritage / Storytelling

Features: Family friendly

Website: http://www.paveepoint.ie/

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