Traveller Visibility Group Online

@CorkArtLink, @CorkTVG Social Media Platforms

For Culture Night 2022, Cork Community Art Link in collaboration with Cork Traveller Visibility Group will release the recording of a special talk via @CorkArtLink and @CorkTVG Facebook and Twitter.

The talk will provide an insight into community arts projects in collaboration with the Traveller Community in Cork City over the last three decades. It will also describe the cultural significance of the new mural on the Traveller Visibility Group building completed with the support of Creative Ireland and Cork City Council as part of the 2021 Rebel Streets Programme.

Street Art Lovers can drop by the TVG Building as part of your Culture Night Trail to view the mural in person and appreciate all the detail it contains, inspired by Irish Traveller Culture.

Genres: Storytelling | Oral History
Features: Wheelchair accessible
Phone: 0214503786
Locations: Cork City
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
12 am
No Booking Required