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Nomadic Series: Capturing Momentary Images – an exhibition by Olga Anacka


This exhibition is a record of artist Olga Anacka’s experience of the last 18 months, a time when when she returned to her regular art practice.

In this body of work, the artist expresses feelings and thoughts about experiencing the real. Perception is limited by the intellectual associations built upon societal codes and values. Olga Anacka attempts to establish such visual codes distinct to her, and the work is infused with references to nature and her Slavic heritage.

The artist applies cut-outs, stencils, and screen-printing techniques which allow her to freely manipulate shape references when designing the scene. In doing so, she explores the options and creates metaphysical worlds. Simplification of the shapes and gestures captured in everyday moments gives the observer an impression of a carefully designed stage where a familiar person may recognise features of the local landscape and architecture.

Olga Anacka was born in Poland where she studied visual arts specialising in painting, graphic, sculpture, and art teaching. She graduated from University of the Arts in Poznan in 2004, and later won an honourable mention in Olsztyn Art Biennial 2005, was shortlisted for Celeste Prize 2011 in Rome and 2012 in New York. She also received the ARTstap Open Submission Award in 2012, not exhibiting much after due to a personal situation. Since 2006 Olga has lived in Ireland, she moved to Newbridge in 2017. Her works are in private collections in Ireland, Poland, Germany, and United States.

Admission Free – Please drop in!

An interview with the artist will be published in the coming weeks.

Time: 5pm - 11:30pm

Genres: Visual Art

Address: Main Street Newbridge, Ireland


Phone: 045 448327

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Quarantine Project, An Exhibition by Patricio Cassinoni with Nyree Yergainharsian


On Culture Night in-person tours of Quarantine Project will be given by artist Patricio Cassinoni. Pre-booking required.

70 photos in 70 days, made entirely at home while in lockdown during a global pandemic.

Quarantine Project is a time capsule from one of the most unique periods of recent history. We never imagined we would be making more than a handful of images, assuming any ‘lockdown’ would have lasted two or three weeks. As news emerged of our need to stay away from everyone, so did our desire to connect and communicate.

Quarantine Project is a version of life through this pandemic. It aims to capture the new behaviours this reality brings and reflect on the new ‘self’ attached to them, highlighting the new practical and emotional understanding of the space we occupy and our relationship with it. It offers a visual representation of the profound effects of this crisis on even the simplest things. Rather than simply documenting an average day at home, this project aims to subvert realities that we, without any reason not to, have always taken for granted. Until now.

Patricio Cassinoni is an Argentinian visual artist based in Dublin since 2006. His main areas of practice are photography, videography, and painting. He has collaborated with a range of artists including those in theatre, music and visual arts, as well as corporate and commercial projects. His work has been shown in numerous art galleries and festivals worldwide including Kronos Festival Barcelona, SO Fine Art Editions in Dublin and Galleria Fernando Pradilla in Madrid, while also taking part in contemporary art auctions and International Art Fairs.

Nyree Yergainharsian is an Irish theatre maker and actor with Armenian heritage. After graduating TCD BA Acting in 2008, Nyree co-founded The Company theatre co, with whom she devised, produced, and performed award winning productions nationally and internationally to critical acclaim. Her latest work Lobsters is a fully hybrid theatre film about making connections. She has been an associate artist of Project Arts Centre since 2009. Quarantine is her first collaboration on a photography series.

Time: 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Genres: History / Photography / Visual Art

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: Main St, Piercetown, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, W12 D962


Phone: 045 448327

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