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From an Earth to a Sun-centred Universe

A talk by the chair of Newport Astronomy Club (Derek Dempsey) :

From an Earth to a Sun-centred Universe -A talk by Newport Astronomy Club chair Derek Dempsey

Two observations support the idea that Earth is the center of the Universe –

Firstly, from anywhere on Earth, the Sun appears to revolve around Earth once per day. The Moon and the planets have their own motions, but they also appear to revolve around Earth about once per day. The stars appear to be fixed on a celestial sphere rotating once each day about an axis through the geographic poles of Earth.

Secondly, the Earth seems to be unmoving from the perspective of an earthbound observer; it feels solid, stable, and stationary.

This geocentric view remained the accepted model of the Universe into the early modern age, but from the late 16th century onward, it was gradually superseded by the heliocentric model of Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler.  There was considerable resistance to the transition between these two theories, but In 1687 Isaac Newton would show that a Sun-centred solar system could be derived from his laws of gravitation.

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