Kildare - Maynooth

National Science and Ecclesiology Museum Maynooth

Display of Instruments and Artifacts

The museum boasts two impressive displays  – The first is the largest collection of scientific instruments on public display in Ireland, mostly associated with Nicholas Callan and the second, a collection of ecclesiastical artifacts from the past three centuries, including a replica of St Patrick’s Bell Shrine and a set of vestments presented by Her Imperial Majesty Elizabeth (Sisi), Empress of Austria, in 1880.  In 1999, Dr. N.E. McKeith was appointed museum curator, reflecting the continued interest in the museum by the Department of Experimental Physics.


Fb:  National Science Museum

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Genres: Engineering / Heritage / History / Other / Science

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: St Patricks College


Phone: 087 9152003

No Booking Required