Multinational Food Event

United Women Galway

United Women Galway are for the first time organising an event as part of Culture Night. The Culture Night eventwill be all about “Authentic Food” from a minimum of 8 Nationalities. Food is a very important part of Culture -it affects our identity and it is a way to keep connections with society . There is a strong relationship between food and culture, food is not considered just as a means of survival but it tells so much more about our origin. It’s a great pleasure to introduce to others our food as a way to let them know that they matter to us and that we want to give them a part of ourselves. Every time we give self-made food we also give piece of ourselves, a piece of our culture. Food Brings People together and Migrants bring Nations Together. This Event is for the only purpose of “Intercultural Integration “ We choose food as a way to integrate, associate, celebrate and connect with others. Food is a way of being healthy and nourishing our bodies and our mind.


-The food will be self-service .

-If anyone wants to know more about the food: such as ingredients and how is cooked there will be information provided .

-There will be places where people can seat and network while they are enjoying the food .

-All the time there will be music being played the music will be from different traditional Countries

-The dress code is to wear something from your country if possible , if you can not then feel free to bring the flag of your Country as a cultural Element


The event is open to everyone who would like to have a taste of other Countries



Genres: Food | Gastronomy
Age Suitability: All ages
Features: Family friendly
Address: OLBC Hall, Sea Road, Galway, Ireland
Locations: Galway City
Event Start Time (pm)
5 pm
Event End Time (pm)
8 pm
No Booking Required