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Moth and Butterfly

A Night of Storytelling and Improvisation





Moth and Butterfly is a popular arts storytelling night that incorporates Improvisation, true stories & fictional tales, with contributions from the M & B crew and (in live times) the audience themselves. The live online feed will start at 7.30 and the show will start soon after. The crew suggest finding a comfy spot with little distraction, and lighting a candle or a fire if you have one, and a cup or glass of something to help you listen!






The Galway (online) event is generally monthly on the third Wednesdays of the month. The Moth and Butterfly Crew also (in regular times) travel to festivals and events throughout the country, and throughout the year. They are available for private and bespoke events, and for now, their events will be broadcast live to youtube.


Moth & Butterfly brings together the art forms of both Storytelling & Improvisation.


There will be three types of Storytelling on the night:


‘Moth’ style stories are short, true, thematic, and feature the teller themselves as the central character. A homage to the wonderful ‘Moth’ storytelling, stories run about 8 or 9 mins but shorter is fine. Much more interesting than jokes or a yarn, the Moth & Butterfly crew always prefer a story of something that had an impact on you, something important to you. It can be funny of course but by no means has to be. Think of it as a story that changed you in some way, however small, We love your truth, warts and all!


Improvised stories will be created fresh on the spot – no two are the same! The Moth and Butterfly Crew have different improvisational formats including: ‘Stories From The Hat’ (where the audience picks an object for the story) and ‘Found In Translation’ (where the tellers improvise and translate bilingually).


Free-fall stories are all other stories that still fit the theme – a true story about someone else, a piece of fiction, be it a folk tale or a tall tale.


This is a night for oral storytelling, so no reading or notes allowed – just pure story! The night is for both tellers and listeners, for without good listeners; there would be no good stories! 


Great stories invite us in for a listen. They don’t always have to be funny by any means (but they can be!). They draw from a wide emotional palette. We love to laugh, but also to cry, to growl, to gasp. We invite people to tell stories from the heart.


The event will be broadcast live on youtube, and will remain up to watch until the weekend. After that though, it’s gone forever! So don’t miss it!


Moth and Butterfly will broadcast live to their YouTube channel. Simply need to copy and paste this link into your browser:

(please post this into your browser, NOT the youtube search)


It will take you to the youtube channel and you should see the ‘live’ video. Just click on it to watch, and please ‘subscribe’.




Moth & Butterfly was founded by Storyteller, Writer and Performer Órla Mc Govern.

The Moth & Butterfly Creative Crew is made up of professional performers, writers, and storytellers. They were inspired by the transformational nature of improvisation (Butterfly) along with many ‘true tale’ traditions from around the world, particularly the wonderful ‘Moth Style’ tradition that was made popular in the US, and thought that the two combined would make for a very special night. They are delighted to share this with their audiences.


Remember the theme:

‘Light & Dark’


Moth and Butterlfy’s events have always attracted audience members from around the globe, in person and now online and we welcome your feedback.


“There’s nothing quite like this night in Ireland – thank you for putting it on, it is spectacular” – James, Audience Member


“This show was the highlight of our visit to Ireland” – Maura (Galway Theatre Festival Audience Member)


“A really lovely night – thank you for creating something very special, we’re already looking forward to the next one…” – Michael, Moth and Butterfly audience member.


“Fabulous Night” – Anna, CultureNight Audience Member


While our online broadcasts are posted free to enjoy, Moth and Butterfly welcome any contributions you would like to make (regular event admission is €7 for our ‘in person’ monthly events, special event prices vary).

Thank you!

Our direct pay link is:


You can join our mailing list via our website:


As many stories are true ones, and from the audience, Moth and Butterfly cannot predict content or adult language, so this is not a children’s event. We suggest audience age of 18+ but feel free to check regarding discretion for teens. Please be even more mindful of this if watching at home.


Please like Moth & Butterfly’s page and check out their full description to find out full details about how it all works:

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm

Genres: Storytelling / Theatre


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