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Merlin Woods Collective

Now That’s What I Call Merlin Woods


Merlin Woods Collective presents a showcase of original songs, poems, stories, traditional tunes and characters from CultureNight 2015-2020 .

Gathering the Community, Nurturing the Talent, Making More Memories .

Mayor Bertie Hive, Mammy Fox and a host of other wildlife characters are here to bring you through the culture night years in Merlin Woods .

Join us for an evening of fun and entertainment at Merlin Woods Community Garden in association with Friends of Merlin Woods . 

Supported by Culture Night and Galway City Council 

Time: 6pm - 7.30pm

Genres: Heritage / History / Literature / Music / Performance / Poetry / Storytelling / Talk / Visuals

Features: Family friendly

Address: Merlin Woods Community Garden


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