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Pat Buckley’s was the original pub at 14 John Redmond St (formerly Mulgrave Road) in Shandon, named after proprietor Patricia Buckley, who ran the pub from the mid-50s until 2006. Miss Pat, as she and the pub were known, is fondly remembered by many for who she was and the kind of room she kept. Although only about 15 feet square, it was home to a diverse group of Shandon locals and others over the years: a weekly card club (playing the Cork game Don), politicians, doctors and staff from the North Infirmary, members of the Shakespearean Company, – in addition to the many regulars who made it their own.

Pat Buckley’s was an important part of the fabric of Cork’s north side. By remembering and reflecting, what can we learn about the function of a neighbourhood bar today?

For Culture Night, oral historian Jamie Furey (Cork Folklore Project) has collected stories/impressions about Miss Pat’s and his recording will be streamed to Maureen’s Facebook Page. Photos of Miss Pat’s can be seen in the window of Maureen’s.

If you are interested in sharing a story or have photographs or any other material relating to Miss Pat and her premises please email Maureen McLaughlin at

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