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Mary Cunningham

The Bracing Waters and Moral Dangers of Salthill


Fifty years ago this month, a ‘Men Only’ sign was removed from the entrance to Blackrock swimming area. Prior to this bathing was officially segregated in Salthill. Signs, erected in the 30s, indicated that the area around Blackrock was for men, women were allocated Ladies’ beach while families were accommodated at the adjacent beach. By the end of the 60s attitudes had changed and rules were not observed as rigidly as they had been.

This 15-minute documentary features interviews with people who swam at Salthill in the 60s.  Their stories paint a vivid picture of the place, illustrate the influence of the church on social behaviour, and describe how rules began to be challenged towards the latter end of the decade.  The documentary includes an account of the events leading up to the removal of the ‘Men Only’ sign at Blackrock in September 1971 along with the reactions of the populace.

Time: 4pm - Any Timepm

Genres: History


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