Galway - Galway City

marQu vr

Questioning Perceptions and Boundaries


The concept for the project is about looking at architecture as a form of artistic expression and to reimagine the way we perceive what surrounds us, by utilizing the technique of Architectural Projection mapping to create 3D illusions on buildings around Galway City. This will be presented in live Audiovisual performances incorporating the structures themselves. The primary focus is to remove the physical boundaries that surround us by using the contrast of projected light and the dark of night. The focus will be on central façade of The Town Hall Theatre.

The medium of Projection Mapping will be used to outline the physical boundaries of the structure and then blur the lines through illumination and animation, transforming the building itself into an abstract cinematic canvas alongside an audio soundscape.  

The merging of architecture and nature will be manifested through using moving images recorded from the local environment. There are several aspects to the project relating to the notion of boundaries, one in connection to the physical boundaries of the structures themselves and removing the constraints to make them disappear and become part of the surroundings, another is to look at the environment itself and how architecture can fit in with nature. The moving image is a very powerful thing and can be used alongside architecture to highlight societal and climate issues.

Time: 9pm - 10pm

Genres: Other / Street Art / Visual Art

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: Townhall Theatre


No Booking Required