Liberties and Historic Quarter

Many Voices: Art Nomads

Pallas Projects/Studios

Art Nomads, an artists collective made up of artists who have all come to live in Ireland from many parts of the world, presents an expanded cinema installation from their ‘Souk/Bazaar’ participatory process and a live performance, the new, collaborative project, NEW UMBILICAL.

Performance by Leia Mocan and Barbara O’Meara, commissioned by CFCP under the “Third Space” initiative, supports collaboration between migrant and local artists.

This new work explores the invisible cord linking individual artists through art, a connection between the two cultures: Romanian and Irish. From a conceptual perspective, this body of work explores the metamorphosis of the artists’ self-shifting identities and the all-consuming creation process.

The artists who have roots across many cultures from India, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Poland and Kurdistan have collaborated on a film artwork captured by these words “We came alone across this bare windswept rock, In winter, in rain and low light, The Burren at the far west of Europe, Gathering together from every worldly place, To share life around a glowing fire”.

“Many voices” will be presented, alongside the video installation/exhibition, Karvansarai, organized at Pallas Project Studios by Art Nomads.

The performance will take place from 6 pm, followed by a variety of traditional Romanian/Iranian/ Turkish sweets, being offered to the audience.


Genres: Film | Screen | Animation, Food | Gastronomy, Heritage (Tangible | Intangible), Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, sculpture, Digital Art, Print, etc)
Age Suitability: 15+
Address: Pallas Projects/Studios, The Coombe, The Liberties, Dublin, Ireland
Locations: Liberties and Historic Quarter
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
8 pm
Booking required