Making Community Radio – A Glimpse behind the Mic

Galway Cheshire House

Residents of Galway Cheshire House will join Seamus Gallagher from Kinvara Community Radio to host an evening of informative interviews with inspirational characters. It will be a masterclass in Community Radio at its best, with some Galway Cheshire Residents going behind the mic under Seamus’s tutelage. Very interesting guests, knowledgeable in their fields of expertise, will share their gems of wisdom on the evening.
The event will take place in Galway Cheshire House, a Residential Centre for persons with a Disability. The Cheshire House Elastic Band, a Community Music band made up of people with Disabilities from the Centre, will perform at the event. The band will be supported at the event by Galway based Folksinger and Songwriter Mick Brown. Excerpts from the event will subsequently be broadcast on Seamus’s Radio show on Kinvara Community Radio.
Refreshments will be provided and an opportunity to meet and mingle with the Residents of Galway Cheshire House & get an insight into Galway Cheshire House. Due to the nature of this Disability Service, places will be limited to ensure Covid-19 safety. All attendees will be required to wear a mask for the event, and adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols.

Genres: Other
Age Suitability: 18 years of age and above, (16-17 year olds suitable if accompanied by a Guardian)
Address: Galway Cheshire Homes, Merlin Park Lane, Curragreen, County Galway, Ireland
Locations: Galway City
Event Start Time (pm)
7 pm
Event End Time (pm)
9 pm
Booking required