Made in Carlow / Carlow Fringe Art Festival 2022

Made in Carlow

Invitation to experience local art be it painting by local artists, sculpture, craft and everything in between, complimented by music, poetry and other local creative expression.

Our art gallery tour includes:
Made in Carlow, 139 Tullow street
Bobby McLean paintings, 2 Dublin street
Nigerian art exhibit, 52 Dublin street.
Elizabeth Cope exhibition, opening at the Visual Arts Centre.

The Heart of Carlow
Our objective was to drive footfall and create a greater sense of community spirit into the centre of Carlow Town.
We therefore reached the decision to open our gallery in the town centre – Tullow Street.
Our ambition is for the “Made in Carlow” brand to be recognised and regarded as a high-quality gallery.
We constantly improve upon our services and our aim is to encourage creativity amongst the community, whilst providing artists with a space to showcase their work.

Genres: Arts | Crafts | Traditional Skills, Design, Fashion | Textiles, Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, sculpture, Digital Art, Print, etc)
Age Suitability: All ages
Features: Family friendly
Address: Made In Carlow, Tullow Street, Graigue, Carlow, Ireland
Phone: 0876149874
Locations: Carlow Town
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
8 pm
No Booking Required