Little John Nee


Little John Nee drops a leaky big bucket down into the deep well of his Donegal songs and stories drawing them up into the moonlight that spills into Radio Tullyglen on Culture Night via the virtual long acre that is you tube! 

A favourite story from The Derry Boat, a song from Tea Dance, a trip to a jazz farm and a slow tango for a socially distanced pandemic dance. As well as creating  this event for our programme, we are delighted that Little John is also our county Ambassador for 2020. He had this to say about his role.

 “I am happy for this opportunity to do what I love doing; celebrating Donegal artists and the beautiful odd way we go about things in this beautiful odd place” – Little John Nee 


Time: 6pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Comedy / Music / Performance / Storytelling / Theatre

Features: Family friendly


No Booking Required

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