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Limerick Youth Theatre

Limerick Youth Theatre
17:00 - 20:00
No Booking Required
All Ages


Interesting Times is an exhibition curated by multidisciplinary artist Evan Kennedy, specifically designed for presentation at Culture Night 2023, to showcase the creative and cultural importance of Limerick Youth Theatre. The exhibition will serve as a multimedia retrospective of workshops carried out over the last decade. Work will be displayed digitally and in print. There will be a participatory component to the work and a space for visitors to engage in a performance piece, if they wish to.

Over 100 5x5 photographs will be displayed in the studio space. There will be grids and strips on each wall surrounded by memorabilia and props with a text from each workshop.

A large-scale digital print of an image that encapsulates the spirit of the LYT experience will be on one wall. Visitors will be invited to draw on this monochrome image with colours to create a new artwork unifying students both past and present.

Video installations via projection and video screens will be displayed as well as a small cardboard structure that visitors can look into to find small looped videos on mobile devices. One of the rooms will house a temporary paper lantern cube shaped sculpture composed of 6 images from the workshops.

This location is not wheelchair accessible.


Full Address: Limerick Youth Theatre, O'Connell Street, Limerick, Ireland
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